arriving in innsbruck

Lovely concrete arches for the railway.
and as we arrived and stood by the first supermarket to get some juice, cheese and bread for the camping..we heard a terrible noise and a plane flying so low...
Actually going towards landing - Innsbruck has the cutest small airport (with small planes, helicopters). they were all so nice to see- very busy traffic in the air.
And then, we went to see a preview of Zaha's work here among the mountains- so elegant and fluid curves, I just love it.
And yeah, we did the "jump with joy" photo again/ next to funky arhictecture. (we just don't like it plain!:))
Here are some beautiful interior snapshots...see how the light embraces the glass and flows along the steel bars.?.just like photons turning into liquid.
Always looking for some clean concrete to mix up with some flashy metal details :
Next : camping K.

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