This is a city where you are most likely to get lost. You'll defineteley need a GPS as the narrow streets are misleading and wrap around the hills. The city itself spreads beneath the knolls covered sometimes in vine or hop estates.
Here we stayed in a camping where there was little room for tents (it was mostly meant for caravans), but still the people were nice and the beer was good. I think it's called Cannstater Wasen.
On our first afternoon, we went to see the achitectural objective, and Le Corbusier's project here. /
Acesta este un oras in care aveti toate sansele sa va rataciti. Veti avea nevoie de un GPS cu siguranta, pentru ca stradutele sunt inselatoare si se incolacesc in jurul dealurilor. Orasul insusi este raspandit printre colinele acoperite de podgorii de vita de vie sau hamei, uneori.
Aici am stat la un camping unde era cam putin loc pentru corturi, fiind in principal un camping de rulote, dar oamenii au fost draguti si berea buna. Cred ca numele campingului este Cannstater Wasen.
In prima noastra dupa amiaza aici am mers sa vedem obiectivele de arhitectura, si proiectul lui Le Corbusier de aici.

Then we went to see some of the old city centre./Apoi am vazut cate ceva din centrul vechi.

Here I found this magic ring :). I got it from the Kunstmuseum, in the central park. The ring has inside these tiny metal beads that magnetize and then fly inside the glass bubble. I am wearing it proudly as you can see in the next pic./
Aici am gasit acest inel magic:). L-am luat de la Kunstmuseum, aflat in parcul central. El are inauntru minuscule bilute metalice care se magnetizeaza si apoi zboara in interiorul bulei de sticla. Il port cu mandrie, dupa cum se vede in fotografia urmatoare.

We headed afterwards to another part of the old city centre, and we found ourselves in the middle of a street party. /
Ne-am indreptat apoi spre o alta parte a centrului vechi si ne-am trezit in mijlocul unei petreceri in strada.

We admired the sun setting near the river. The next day we were to see the amazing Porsche Museum./
Am admirat asfintitul de pe malul raului. A doua zi urma sa vedem uimitorul muzeu Porsche.