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On the 14 th of Feb I went to MNAC to the "Sculpture forest" exhibition.
It was stunning and unexpected. I saw as a central masterpiece "Bird in space" made by our greatest sculptor -Brancusi. It made me think of the delicate sound, the flutter of the lark at dawn. The shape imprisoned the sounds. Wonderful!
Also I could see a caricatural figure made by Giacometti and a serigraphy made by Andy Warhol.
The Exhibition can be visited until March, so hurry!
¤ images are from: http://www.cotidianul.ro/pasarea_in_spatiu_a_lui_brancusi_un_diego_sculptat_de_giacometti_si_o_serigrafie_semnata_andy_warhol_pentru_prima_data_la_bucuresti-67371.html

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| spoon | said...

mah, ia-ma si pe mine data viitoare cand mai margi la expozitii! :D